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Devil's Tower, Wyoming

While visiting West Yellowstone, Montana on your vacation, be sure to make a side trip to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, so you can experience this amazing rock formation up close.

  • Enjoy your visit to the natural wonder of Devil’s Tower
  • Hike trails around Devil’s Tower to take in the sights up close
  • Discover all the types of wildlife that live in the area
  • Vehicles $10, Motorcycles $5, Individuals $5
  • Easy to get to West Yellowstone from Devil’s Tower, Wyoming


You can see Devil’s Tower on every Wyoming license plate, but it can’t compare to visiting this national monument, seeing the sheer rock walls and enjoying the wildlife that makes this area their home. This vertical monolith rises over 1,200 feet above the Belle Fourche River, showing how erosion has stripped away soft layers of rock.


Devils Tower is open all year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Visitor Center is open from the middle of spring through the fall, although its hours vary from season to season.


The Entrance fees for Devil’s Tower National Monument:

  • Vehicles: $10 (includes all passengers)
  • Motorcycles: $5
  • Individuals on foot or bicycle: $5 each
  • Those who are 15 years old and younger: free
    (All passes are for seven days)


Hiking is a popular pastime at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. There are about 8 miles of trails, some paved. You can also take part in a ranger-led walk and there are other talks and evening programs for all ages.

It’s a five-hour climb on Devil’s Tower, and thus this is a favorite spot where climbers come regularly. They’ve been coming here for 100 years to climb this monolith.

From wildlife watching to simply admiring the blooming wildflowers, there’s much to keep your attention and interest.

Devil’s Tower National Monument was the first national monument in this country, proclaimed such in 1906. This location is also a place of worship for a number of American Indian tribes. Visit the Devil’s Tower Visitor Center to find out more about the geology and history of Devil’s Tower.

Getting Here

To reach West Yellowstone, Montana from Devil’s Tower, take Wyoming 24 to US 14, then get on I-90 West to exit 9. From there you take US 14 to the East Entrance of Yellowstone, going through the park (and taking in the sights as you go) to the West Entrance and West Yellowstone.