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With one regional airport and a number of transportation services, West Yellowstone is prepared to assist you with your transportation needs. Find car rentals, flights, regional shuttle and local tour services all in town.

Airport (WYS)

The West Yellowstone Airport is only two miles from West Yellowstone, with daily flights coming in during summer months. It’s closed in winter due to snow.

Other Nearby Airports

There are a handful of other airports in nearby communities. Check all of your options before booking your flight.

  • Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA): Located 2 hours southwest of West Yellowstone. This is a small regional airport that provides frequent service to cities Salt Lake City, Seattle, Denver, Boise, and Las Vegas on the following airlines: Skywest/Delta; Horizon/Alaska; Allegiant; United.
  • Jackson Hole Airport (JAC): 3.5 hours south and east of West Yellowstone, this small airport is located at the base of the Grand Tetons and offers frequent regional and national flights on the following airlines: American; Delta; Northwest; Skywest; United; United Express.
  • Bozeman Airport - Gallatin Field (BZN): 2 hours north of West Yellowstone, the Gallatin Field Airport offers frequent flights to Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, and other national destinations on the following airlines: Delta; United; Frontier; Horizon; Allegiant. 

Car Rentals

If you are flying into West Yellowstone and need a car, you can find car rentals at any of the airports when you arrive, such as West Yellowstone Airport, Idaho Falls Airport, Jackson Hole Airport or in Bozeman at the airport. Car rentals are also available in town.

Taxis & Limos

West Yellowstone is a quaint mountain town, and small enough you can walk anywhere you wish to go within town. You can find limo services in the surrounding area.


From the airports in Bozeman, Idaho Falls and Jackson, Wyoming, you will find various shuttle services to West Yellowstone year-round. Hotels and Lodges in West Yellowstone often offer courtesy shuttles from the airport to the town and back. You can always check with your accommodation owners to see if they provide this service.

Buses / Charters

Bus tours and charters are a popular way to tour Yellowstone National Park from your home base of West Yellowstone. From Bozeman, Montana, you’ll find bus service is available throughout the year. From Idaho to West Yellowstone service is limited to summer months.

Questions & Answers

It's about 127 miles to West Yellowstone from Jackson Hole, but there are several routes to take. The quick route takes you over Teton Pass through Teton Valley, Ashton and Island Park to get you to West Yellowstone in 2.5 hours.

The shortest route at 126 miles takes you through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, making it the most popular drive to reach West Yellowstone from Jackson Hole. But because of reduced speed limits, congestion (often due to people viewing wildlife), and other factors, plan at least 3 hours 10 minutes for the drive.

A third route spurs off the Ashton route to take the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway for a rewarding stop at a 10-story waterfall spilling across a wide shelf. This route takes slightly longer than the Ashton route, but is faster than the Yellowstone route.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is about 2.5 hours, or 127 miles, from West Yellowstone, Montana. You can choose from several routes but the quickest routes you over Teton Pass through Ashton Valley and Island Park via US-20 W. The other popular route gives you a tour of the Grand Loop in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park along the way, but tends to take about 3 hours because of traffic and slower speed limits (not to mention the many stops you'll likely make). Please note that this park-bound route is also closed to car traffic in the winter.