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Public Transportation

Shuttle service to West Yellowstone is available year round from the Bozeman airport, and seasonally from Idaho Falls (connecting to Salt Lake City) and Jackson Hole. Read More

Bus Tours

Join the two and a half million visitors who come to Yellowstone each year, and take a bus tour of the park to experience the natural beauty and unique features of this magnificent region. Bus tours give folks a way to take it all in, in style and comfort.

With a bus tour or charter, you can have a memorable trip, at any time of year. The wonders of Yellowstone are that much better with a narrator telling you a little history or geological fact about the feature you are viewing. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about parking.

Nature lovers, photographers and those on vacation enjoy the tours that move through Yellowstone National Park. They get the opportunity to learn things that not every visitor knows. In the winter, snowcoach or snow van tours are available that will move you through the famous sights in the park, giving you the chance to see wildlife that are common in the snowy landscapes.

Check through the listings and contact several to find a tour that fits your needs.

Public Bus System

West Yellowstone is a very small town and there is no public bus system within town. Within the town of West Yellowstone, most people just walk, ride bikes or use their own vehicles.