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Yellowstone National Park offers unique sights and unusual geothermal features you can see nowhere else on planet Earth, making this the perfect vacation destination for the whole family.

With Yellowstone Park stretching over 3,400 square miles, there are a lot of attractions to see, and it’s best to plan your trip carefully so you don’t miss a thing.

Old Faithful Inn & Geyser

This historic inn and the nearby Old Faithful Geyser are the most popular spots to visit within the park, where you can see the geyser’s impressive displays of steam and water shooting into the sky.

Old Faithful Webcam

To see a real-time shot of Old Faithful, you can get an idea of what you are in for when you visit in person.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge

This rustic lodge is the newest in the park, and close to many fabulous sights. Winter fun here is never ending.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Here you will see the terraces formed by the water, limestone and heat. These incredible landscapes shouldn’t be missed on your visit to Yellowstone.

Mammoth Webcam

Check out the Mammoth Webcam to see a view of Mammoth Hot Springs from the Albright Visitor Center.

Norris Geyser Basin

View the oldest and most unpredictable thermal area in Yellowstone by touring this basin while in the park.

Yellowstone Lake

Boating and fishing are the most popular activities here on the largest lake in Yellowstone, as well as enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Yellowstone Fishing

In the lakes and rivers, you’ll find exceptional trout fishing. Try Shoshone, Yellowstone and Lewis Lakes for some of the best lake fishing, and go to the Firehole, Yellowstone and Madison Rivers for huge cutthroat trout.

Snowmobiling Tours

As you tour the park on a snowmobile, you’ll get to see the natural wonders and the abundant wildlife up close on this true winter adventure.

Snow Coach Tours

To make your winter vacation complete, you will have to experience the fabulous snowcoach tours. From the comfort of your warm seat, you will get to experience the sights of the park, and also learn a lot from the knowledgeable driver.

Yellowstone In Winter

Winters in Yellowstone are cold, no doubt about it. But you can enjoy the park when the crowds leave by bundling up warmly and always checking the weather forecasts before coming. Outdoor activities are most exciting, from snowmobiling to cross-country skiing.

Park Geology

Yellowstone National Park is home to one of the world’s largest and most violent volcanoes. This is the site of those incredible volcanic features that show aboveground, such as the geysers, hot springs and mudpots.

Questions & Answers

Yes. You can drive the 32 miles from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful in spring, summer, or fall. Your drive along the Grand Loop will likely take at least 45 minutes depending on traffic and congestion from wildlife or "bear jams" along the road. You likely won't mind, as the opportunity to view wildlife and scenery is likely to slow you down regardless. Please note that this route is only accessible via snowcoach or authorized snowmobile in winter.

At 32 miles distant, West Yellowstone is the closest town to Old Faithful, a scenic 45-minute drive on the Grand Loop that winds through the park. The route takes you through the heart of Yellowstone's thermal features. Gawking traffic and wildlife along the road can cause bottlenecks, but "bear jams" are a fun part of the Yellowstone experience to most. Its unlikely you'll make the drive in 45 minutes, however, since you'll be passing Madison Junction with its gift shops, the Fountain Paint Pots, Midway Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic Spring, Mystic Falls, and Biscuit Basin, or Black Sand Basin along the way. Please note that the road to Old Faithful is only accessible by authorized snowcoach or snowmobile in winter.

Yellowstone's West Entrance is just outside the bustling gateway town of West Yellowstone, Montana. West Yellowstone is a stone's throw from the Wyoming/Montana border and is the most popular way to enter Yellowstone National Park due to its proximity to top thermal features and easy access from a town.

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