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Old Faithful Inn & Geyser

Visiting the Old Faithful Inn and viewing Old Faithful is the highlight of any West Yellowstone vacation, with the geyser’s incredible display of water and steam spouting into the sky. Make Lodging Reservations Online.

  • Lodging Reservations: Call 307-344-7311 or Book Online
  • Visit the Old Faithful Inn and view Old Faithful
  • Old Faithful is only 30 miles from West Yellowstone
  • Watch the steam and water shoot 180 feet in the air
  • Also stop and see the other geysers in Upper Geyser Basin
  • See the historic landmark of the Old Faithful Inn


The most visited and photographed attraction in Yellowstone Park is the famous Old Faithful geyser. It’s a vacation destination that many find irresistible in its beauty and uniqueness.


Old Faithful is only 30 miles from West Yellowstone (the West Entrance to the park), 16 miles south of Madison Junction.


Yellowstone is open year round, but most entrances close in November, with the exception of the North and Northeast entrances, and close again in the latter part of March and early April to clear roads for summer visitors. In the winter, you can reach Old Faithful using over-the-snow vehicles on snowmobile or snowcoach tours.

Activities at the Old Faithful area

Being there for an Old Faithful eruption is an experience not to miss. Old Faithful has become a symbol of Yellowstone, with its dependable eruptions and impressive display.

Although Old Faithful isn’t the largest geyser within Yellowstone, watching the water shoot 180 feet in the air is always a thrill. It erupts about every 35 to 120 minutes. Eruption height can vary from 106 feet to 184 feet.

In the same area, you can enjoy other geothermal features, and shouldn’t miss them while you are there. In a short walk, you can easily visit each one. The Upper Geyser Basin also contains a number of other geysers and hot springs and some newly developed mudpots. Be sure to see Grand Geyser as well as Castle, Daisy and Riverside Geysers.

Lodging Information

Old Faithful Inn is a short walk from the geyser, and is a historic landmark in the park. One of the last log hotels, it is part of Yellowstone history. This rustic lodge has a number of comfortable guest accommodations, including rooms with and without baths. You’ll find a full-service restaurant and deli as well. A gift store in the hotel will provide you with some great souvenirs to take home with you.

For reservations call 1-307-344-7311. The inn is open from May to October.

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