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Madison Junction

Head directly east and into Yellowstone National Park from West Yellowstone and you'll run into Madison Junction. This entrance into the park is a wide valley flanked by steep canyon walls. It's great for viewing wildlife, fishing, and a few hiking trails. Read More

Why should I drive to Madison Junction?

If you are staying in West Yellowstone, this scenic drive is your only way into the park. But the drive is also beautiful, especially in the early morning light. There are a few things you can do along the way:

  • Riverside Trail: This trail leaves right from downtown West Yellowstone and enters the park via footpath. It follows the Madison River for 3 miles and is often used by anglers. It's also great for wildlife viewing.
  • Fishing: There are a number of places to pull off and fish the Madison River as you drive toward Madison junction. You can purchase a fishing license at a number of locations in the town of West Yellowstone.
  • Camping: Madison Campground is located right at the junction. You can make advance reservations online.

Where does the the Madison Junction Scenic Drive begin and end?

Starting from West Yellowstone, the road to Madison Junction heads directly east into the park. The road follows the Madison River through a lush valley until it reaches Madison Junction. From this point on, the entire Yellowstone National Park is one giant scenic drive. Head south to Old Faithful or north to the Norris Geyser Basin. You can't go wrong.

How long does it take to drive?

It's only 15 miles from West Yellowstone to the Madison Junction inside the park, but this route can back up very quickly with the many cars are RVs that use this entrance to explore the park. If you can plan to enter the park very early in the morning. The rising sun will provide great light for photos, you'll have a been chance of seeing wildlife, and you'll miss all the traffic. When returning to West Yellowstone, another wave of Yellowstone rush hour hits in the afternoon/evening when visitors head back to town to dine out and stay the night.