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Raynolds Pass Loop

A scenic loop from West Yellowstone, Raynolds Pass Loop offers access to some of the top nearby attractions including Hebgen Lake, Quake Lake, the Madison River, Cliff and Wade Lakes, and Henry's Lake. Read More

Why should I drive the Raynolds Pass Loop?

The Raynolds Pass Loop combines a variety of the best attractions around:

  • Hebgen Lake: Rent a sea kayak or motor boat if it isn't too windy.
  • Madison River Canyon: One of the most picturesque drives around.
  • Historic Quake Lake: Stop at the Visitor Center for an interesting film.
  • Fish the Madison River: Anywhere from Quake Lake to the turn off for Raynolds Pass, you'll find deep holes in between the rocking rapids where fish like to lurk.
  • Side trip to Cliff and Wade Lakes: A rough dirt road just past the junction to Raynolds Pass leads to these two bright blue lakes. Enjoy camping, boat rentals, and nature trails.
  • Raynolds Pass: You might not even realize you're going over a pass, but the views overlooking Henry's Lake on the opposite side are worthwhile.

Where does the Raynolds Pass Loop begin and end?

Technically, Raynolds Pass Loop begins and ends in West Yellowstone, but you can also drive it on your way to other destinations. Drive north from West Yellowstone on US 191 and turn left at the junction for Hebgen Lake. Follow the road along the lake and through Madison River Canyon along Quake Lake. On the west side of Quake Lake, turn left onto ID 87 and travel south over Raynolds Pass. Pass Henry's Lake and turn left again at the junction for West Yellowstone US 20. If you don't want to head back to West Yellowstone, you can either continue south through Island Park or backtrack slightly and head north to Ennis, Montana.

How long does it take to drive?

Driving the loop takes a little over an hour. But you'll want to stop and see some sites along the way, so plan for anywhere from 2 hours to a half day.