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Activities For Kids

Summer recreation in West Yellowstone couldn’t be more exciting for the whole family. Kids have plenty of things to do in the outdoors and lots of inside activities as well. Read More

Providers These companies can get you there

Playhouse at Mack's Inn

From musical comedies to melodramas, enjoy this unique dinner theatre right here in the West Yellowstone & Island Park area. Summer performances for all ages. 208.558.7871

The Playmill Theatre

Dinner theater in West Yellowstone, Montana. Plays change seasonally. Great for families.

Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre

Great for the whole family, this theater features the latest in wide-format films as well as a few classics. Located in West Yellowstone.

Bring along the whole family – you’ll find a hundred fun and exciting things to do and see in West Yellowstone that’ll keep your kids entertained and excited to come back next year. From rafting to horseback riding, and watching wolves and grizzlies to learning about Yellowstone National Park at the IMAX, your kids will regale their friends back home with stories of their West Yellowstone adventure.

Kid Friendly Activities

  • Biking
    Mountain or road, taking the family biking is sure to be fun. Enjoy some mellow dirt trails at RendezvousSki Center or cruise through Yellowstone National Park and be amazed by the incredible colors, smells and variety of thermals. Rentals for all sizes are available.
  • White Water Rafting
    Get some water in your face – kids of all ages (and adults, too) will find a thrill on West Yellowstone’s rivers. Local guiding companies offer trips of all lengths that are suitable from the youngest family member to the oldest.
  • Horseback Riding
    Horseback rides are a great way to cover some miles with younger children who might not be able (or willing) to hike far without the added boost and incentive of a horse ride.
  • Canoeing
    It’s easy to spend an entire day floating down a river or exploring all the corners and inlets of a lake, and jumping into a canoe with your children is one of the best ways to let them feel in control while still being able to keep things safe. Canoes have the added benefit of making tiny riffles feel like big waves. Rentals available.
  • Fishing
    There’s something addictive about pulling in a big fish, and kids are no more immune to the adrenaline rush than anyone else. West Yellowstone is the perfect place to get your kids hooked on fishing, giving your family a lifetime hobby to enjoy together.
  • Hiking
    Taking the family for a hike may be the good ol’ standby, but it’s the good ol’ standby for good reason – hiking through West Yellowstone’s mountains and meadows gives everyone plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and do a bit of exploring.

Fun Attractions for the Whole Family

In addition to the Parks and Forests surrounding West Yellowstone, there are a few additional attractions that are guaranteed kid-pleasers.

  • Grizzly and Wolf Center
    Kids will be amazed at the size and power of grizzly bears and the mysterious nobility of wolf packs at the Grizzly and Wolf Center, where you can watch these awesome creatures while learning about their lives.
  • Yellowstone IMAX
    This six-story screen will put any normal movie theatre to shame and leave kids with their jaws dropping. Best part? They’ll actually learn something, too. All the shows feature visually stunning, educational footage of Yellowstone and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
  • Mesa Falls
    If you have a day or afternoon, a side-trip to Mesa Falls is well worth the drive. These two natural waterfalls are a sure-fire crowd pleaser, and the hiking, biking, boating and fishing will easily fill the rest of your day.

Winter Fun for Kids

West Yellowstone offers so many things to do for your kids, you won't hesitate to bring them along for a great vacation. Winter in this region is a true wonderland, with the trees frosted in white and the landscape showing the inherent natural beauty of the park in the cold season.

  • Snowshoeing
    Try some snowshoeing on some rented snowshoes. You can get some inside Yellowstone Park or outside the park.
  • Snowcoach Rides
    Snowcoach tours are a fun trip, watching Old Faithful send its waters to the sky and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in all its glory. The scenery is incredible, and the kids will love spotting the wildlife within the woods.
  • Cross Country Skiing
    For the older bunch, they may like to try their hand at some cross-country skiing.
  • Junior Ranger Programs
    Some wonderful activities are available with the Junior Ranger Program, with ages 5 to 12 being able to explore Yellowstone's geology, weather and other fun and educational things to do.

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