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Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo

Event has passed. New dates will be added as soon as they are available.

June 14, 2024 - August 17, 2024

If you are looking for some authentic Wild West adventure during your summer travels to the Yellowstone area, don’t forget to take in the Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo.

  • Check out the Rodeo from mid-June through mid-August.
  • See the western rodeo skills of cowboys and cowgirls as they compete in several events throughout the night
  • Ticket prices vary by seating choice and can be purchased online in advance off their website. To save $1 off each ticket, enter COUPON CODE:  WYRAT at checkout on their website

Overview: From the Grand Entry to the closing event, there is plenty of entertainment as cowboys and cowgirls, novices and experts, test their skills.  Typical events include bareback riding, team roping, saddle bronc riding, breakaway roping, bull riding, and even a special “calf scramble” for the kids. 

When: The rodeo takes place evenings from mid-June through mid-August. Born in the past, originating from the daily activities of the ranch hands, today’s rodeos are thrilling and entertaining.

Where: It is just 7 miles west of West Yellowstone & the Park entrance on Targhee Pass Highway (Hwy 20). 175 Oldroyd Road, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Fees: The fees vary by age and by the event. Tickets can be purchased onsite for grandstand seating and for general admission, or online from the vendor's website. (To save $1 off the price of each ticket on their website, enter COUPON CODE   WYRAT  at checkout)

Details: Beginning in 1999, the Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo has grown over the last few years.  Once put on in a small arena in town, the event now takes place at a larger rodeo arena located just four miles west of West Yellowstone just off Highway 20. The rodeo performances begin at 7:00 pm each night and continue until all scheduled events have been completed. 

Rodeo is one of the true meaning remnants of the Old West.  This sport emerged from the daily routine of cowboys who worked at low paying jobs, but in close consort with the animals that they rode or tended to. The recreation that the cowhands created involved the same animals that they spent their entire day.  Cowboying is a way of life, not a job.   

Riding broncs and roping calves are the events that were born on Western ranches.  Being able to rope a calf or steer on the open range was a necessary skill if an animal required attention. Riding a wild kind of horse was part of the territory, as many horses were green broke at best. The contests of riding and roping require only two things of the horses and cattle... either to buck or to run, actions that are natural.

Rodeo contests can be divided into two categories: 

  • The rough stock events of bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, and bull riding; which are scored by judges and
  • Barrel racing, team roping and breakaway roping contests, which are all timed events.

Cowboys and Cowgirls, especially those that compete in rodeos, are an interesting bunch and so are their beliefs and superstitions. The deep history and rich traditions of rodeo help to keep alive these unique and interesting rodeo superstitions.

  1. Saddle Bronc riders always put their right foot in the stirrup first.
  2. Never kick a paper cup thrown down at a rodeo.  
  3. Cowgirls often wear different color socks for good luck.  
  4. If you compete with the change in your pocket that is all you, win.  
  5. If you put your hat on a bed, you may be seriously injured or killed.  
  6. Eating a hotdog before a competition brings good luck.  
  7. Never read your horoscope on the day of the competition.  
  8. Never eat peanuts or popcorn in the arena.  
  9. Always shave before a competition.  
  10. Wearing yellow in the arena will bring bad luck.  

Attend the Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo and enjoy the competition.  Also, take the time to look around and see if you can spot any of the cowboys and cowgirls adhering to their superstitions!

Click Here to visit the official event website.
Event Phone Number: (406) 560-6913

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