West Yellowstone MT Fall Bicycle Tour


Fall Cycle Tour

The Fall Cycle Tour in West Yellowstone is a wonderful ride before the end of the riding season, where you can enjoy biking through Yellowstone and seeing the many sights. Read More

  • The Fall Cycle Tour is a scenic 60-mile ride from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back
  • Typically held in September each year
  • The tour begins in West Yellowstone at the Visitor’s Center
  • Enjoy the thermal attractions in Yellowstone as you peddle along beside the Firehole River

Overview: The Fall Cycle Tour is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. This 60-mile round trip biking tour runs between West Yellowstone and the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.

When: The Fall Cycle Tour is held October 7th, 2017.

Where: The tour starts out in West Yellowstone at the Visitor’s Center on Yellowstone Avenue.

Details: Beginning at the Visitor’s Center in town, riders move to the western gate of Yellowstone National Park and follow the beautiful Madison River to Madison Junction. They will then approach the only real climb on the route, Firehole Hill. Continuing on to Old Faithful, riders get to enjoy the fascinating attractions along the river as they pass famous thermal areas of the park.

All the participants in the Fall Cycle Tour hope to see Old Faithful erupt before taking off again to return to West Yellowstone by the same route in reverse. But they won’t be hungry as they wait for the spouting geyser to let loose. There’s a feed station at Old Faithful, as well as at Madison Junction. Patrols are around who can take you back to West Yellowstone if the going gets too rough for you, and also another patrol who can help with flats or needed repairs.

Find more details on the Fall Cycle Tour website.

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