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Big Sky, Montana, is situated in the Rocky Mountains and borders on Yellowstone National Park. It offers some of the most incredible scenery and wilderness in the area. However, one of the most inviting features is by far the Gallatin River Canyon. Throughout the year, no matter what the season, activities and adventure are waiting to be discovered by the many visitors that grace its scenic and wild expanse. Read More

The Gallatin River Canyon is a stunning and picturesque area found in the Big Sky region of Montana. It has attracted visitors to it for hundreds of years, offering activities and peace that is sure to please even the most discerning person.

The canyon is incredibly beautiful throughout the year. Springtime sees an abundance of awakening life, with snow still scattered atop nearby mountains. Bears, deer, moose and elk are quite commonly seen, great for local hikers, backpackers and even canyoneering adventurers. It is also a popular time for riding the Gallatin River, when the snow pack has flooded its banks and allowed for white water rafting that is beyond compare.

Summers bring a whole new set of delights and experiences. Days are long and the sun is hot. Greenery is in abundance as are colourful wildflowers. Distant peaks have become lush and visitors flock to the canyon to enjoy fishing, horseback riding and less vigorous rafting.

As the days shorten into autumn, the canyon experiences a new life. The flowers are long gone, but the aspen and willow trees adorn the riverside with deep oranges and yellows that are perfectly contrasted by the grasses that have been turned golden during the summer heat. Snow can been seen dusted across the mountains, and the rocky formations of the canyon glow in reds, oranges and other exciting colours, making this the perfect time for canyon walks and wildlife watching.

As winter draws in and the air becomes cold and crisp, snow falls within the canyon. Nearby resorts kick into full gear and snowmobiling, cross country skiing and snowshoeing become the favourite past times within the canyon.

The Gallatin River Canyon has so much to see and do. Each month brings about changes, all of which are a gold mine of adventure for the curious, the sporting enthusiasts and even those who just want to enjoy its picturesque beauty.

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