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Henry's Lake

Henry’s Lake, located a convenient 15 miles west of Yellowstone National Park, yields excellent trout fishing in its open waters as well as in its surrounding streams.

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  • Henry’s Lake provides excellent trout fishing in its open waters
  • Located a convenient 15 miles west of Yellowstone National Park
  • The best month to fish is in October
  • Do some trolling near the mouth of Targhee Creek
  • Try fly-fishing the weed beds

Overview of Location

When planning their fishing vacations, many people stick to streams or rivers and overlook the potential that lake fishing has to offer. Surrounded by eight 10,000-foot mountains and the Targhee National Forest, Henry’s Lake offers some incredible scenery as well as great fishing.

Type of waterway

At Henry’s Lake, you can’t fish from the shore so you’ll need a boat. You’ll find a boat ramp and docks on the lake. Float-tubes are also popular. You may like to bring a fish finder, as the fish here tend to move around a lot.

Fishing seasons

Fishing season on Henry’s lake opens the Thursday before Memorial Day and usually closes around October 31, depending on the weather. If you are planning to fish after September 15, it is advised to call ahead to see which services are available. The first three to four weeks of the season is a good time for trolling, but you’ll also find large crowds. The best months to fish are during September and October, with October topping the list.

Most common fish species

On Henry’s Lake you’ll find cutthroat trout averaging 3 to 5 pounds, cutthroat-rainbow hybrids weighing up to 12 pounds and brook trout coming in at about 3 pounds.

Popular sections of Henry’s Lake

Earlier in the season, when the waters are still quite cool, the fish are pretty much scattered around the lake and are more difficult to find. In July, where the weed beds are grown, you will have some excellent fly-fishing. Near the mouth of Targhee Creek, you will find great trolling areas.

Check out the fishing outfitters available in the area who can take care of your every need. Be sure you have all the right equipment, so your fishing vacation will be the best ever.